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Breaking Bingo


How is this different from normal bingo?

The same way a Colfax hooker is different from your mom. We're breaking our balls and yours while calling for a room full of drunks. For 90 minutes, we work blue, incite social debauchery, and foster self-loathing because nothing will make folks drink harder. 

Do we pay to play?

No. We exploit greed and gluttony to get folks to come out. Some win, but all are drinking and noshing on your grub. Or else.

Do we need to sign up?

This isn't the draft. See a caller, get your cards, start drinking.

What can I win?

We burn through at least 12 cards, giving out a number of gift cards in addition to free drinks, mystery prizes when we feel like it, and the crème de la crème- a cash jackpot for the night's final card.

The cash jackpot starts at $50 and requires a player to win in our first 7 draws. If no one gets it, it rolls over to next week, increasing to $100. *insert The King and I et cetera scene* We've seen it get to over several thousand before and trust us, it packs the house. 

Later Event: August 15
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