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  • MID CITY Pub & Grill 7101 State Street Midvale, UT, 84047 United States (map)


  • WPT will qualify up to 120 players for the quarterly tournament.
  • In order to qualify, a player must gain points in any of our weekly events.
  • Players receive points for finishing in the top nine places for any main tournament.
  • One point for 9th, eight points for 2nd, etc. Nine points are awarded for taking 1st on any main tournament.
  • At the end of a main tournament, the soul chip leader will receive 1 point for every table in the tournament, in addition to any points the player receives for finishing in the top nine places.
  • Points are adjusted according to the number of players in the tournament. Points are multiplied by 3 for every 30 players in the tournament, by 4 for a 40 player tournament, and so on.)
  • In side games, players receive points for finishing 1st (14 pts) or 2nd (6 pts) in any Hold 'em side game. For Dealer's Choice side games the final four players will earn points, 1st (20 pts), 2nd (15 pts), 3rd (10 pts) and 4th (5 pts.) Side Games are not eligible for 'Double Points' promotions.
  • Points will be recorded and displayed online.
  • Players names must be recorded on the 'Points Sheet' in order to receive points. It's each player's responsibility to write, clearly and legibly, their own name or alias on the points sheet.
  • Names or aliases may be used for points tracking purposes. Names and aliases must comply with these guidelines:
    • Names must include both first and last names -in order to avoid confusion among the thousands of names in the points database.
    • Aliases must also be unique.
    • Aliases may not include vulgarities, in English or otherwise.
    • If one is transitioning from name to alias or visa versa, it must be done in writing. A written note on a points sheet or by email to are both acceptable.
  • Points will be recorded over a roughly three month period.
  • If you notice that your name has been misspelled (or your point total does not seem correct), you have two options. First option: get over it and try not to write so damn messy next time. Second option: email me at and let me know.
  • Points will be updated about once week.
  • Note: Players with the same point totals will be listed in alphabetical order (by first name) until the final posting.
  • Rules and terms are subject to change at the discretion of WPT, however every effort will be made to inform players of any changes.
  • Good Luck!
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